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Full Day Work Shop With Game Design Expert

4 juni 2015 (Hela dagen)
Växthuset, Magnolian, Gothia Science Park
You are invited to attend a full day work shop with game design expert Ernest Adams on June 4th. The workshop is free of charge, but you need to register.

Ernest Adams is coming to Skövde in order to host two design workshops, one at Gothia Science Park and one at the University of Skövde. At the GSP-event hosted by The Game Incubator, Ernest Adams will provide a one day long workshop on game design, as follows:

  • A four hour workshop on fundamental principles of game design
  • Machinations Demo – attendees are encouraged to bring Flash-enabled laptops with an Internet connection. 
  • A brief lecture on the famous column Bad Designer, No Twinkie
  • A short production seminar (if time allows)

The event will be held on June 4th and will last all day long. It will take place in Magnolia, Växthuset, and The Game Incubator will provide all the materials needed, as well as food an coffee. The day will end with an after work event which will include an outdoor barbecue prepared by Restaurang Orangeriet.

Registration and more information