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Sweden Game Conference 2015

14 september 2015 (Hela dagen) till 16 september 2015 (Hela dagen)
Gothia Science Park, Kanikegränd 3B, Skövde
Welcome to Sweden’s premier international game conference for business and academia, organized and hosted by the Sweden Game Arena. While Sweden Game Conference (SGC) is a well-established event that has been recurring annually since 2010, we are making it special in 2015. Never before have we had as diverse and extensive a line-up of world-class speakers and events as this year.

SGC 2015 also coincides with several related events, including the conclusion of the Microsoft Game Camp as well as the International Conference on Virtual Worlds and Games for Serious Applications, making the entire week a celebration of interactive entertainment in Game City Skövde. Furthermore, we are catering to, and inviting more purposely than ever before, a global audience, as a reflection of the international presence and aspirations of Sweden Game Arena.

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