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Lindholmen Democracy Talks

3 September 2021 12:00 to 13:00
Älvrummet & Online
In September, there will be a premiere for a new form of lunch event at Lindholmen Science Park. It's the Media & democracy project International Youth Think Tank that initiates the Lindholmen Democracy Talks. – The beating heart of democracy is found in open and equal encounters, says Urban Strandberg, founder and director of IYTT.

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3 September,


Power to the People?

Reinventing Democracy in Citizens’ Assemblies

Citizens are increasingly disengaged with democracy. Some see politicians not as representatives of the people, but rather as a distant, self-sustaining elite. Can randomly selected groups of people breathe new life into democratic institutions?




Arranged by International YOUTH Think Tank and Medier & demokrati vid Lindholmen Science Park.