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About us

Media & Democracy is a national collaboration platform for media innovation and social research. The goal is to strengthen the media's innovative power, journalism, public discourse, and democracy. Priority areas for the platform are experimental research projects, data and AI-related media development, media and information literacy as well as knowledge dissemination and networking. 

Media & Democracy’s starting point is the historical conversion of the media landscape. Digitalization has revolutionized possibilities of producing, publishing, and consuming media content and traditional and publishing-driven media no longer have the same dominant and central role.

What effects – both positive and negative – will the changes in the media landscape have on journalism, media, people, and democracy? The interface between media and democracy development is an area in which Sweden already made progress about 250 years ago. Then with adopting the world's first freedom of the press regulation.

Media & Democracy is a neutral development environment where media actors, academies and other social institutions jointly initiate and drive research around competition-neutral opportunities and challenges – mainly in experimental projects. Other central activities are knowledge dissemination and management and facilitation of various networks.

Together with AI Sweden, Sweden's center for applied AI, Media & Democracy drives research and development in the data and AI area with a focus on news media. In collaboration with AI Sweden, the program also leads the national initiative Future of Democracy.

Here are some of Medier & demokrati's milestones:

•      2014: The initiative is born. Current Swedish media research is mapped.

•      2015: Open workshops between the media sector and academics.

•      2016-2017: Preliminary study period financed by Region Västra Götaland

•      2017: Media & Democracy is established as a program at Lindholmen Science Park and Region Västra Götaland funds the platform.

•      2018: The first research and innovation projects are implemented.

•      2019: Media & Democracy becomes a platform for a national AI initiative financed by Vinnova and the media companies Hall Media, Stampen, and Sveriges Television.

•      2020: Borås Tidning has been appointed as the editorial office of the year and the Media & Democracy projects Beta Borås 1 and Beta Borås 2 are regarded as two contributing initiatives.

•      2020: Region Västra Götaland continues to fund the platform.

•      2021: International Youth Think Tank is added to Media & Democracy. 
Media & Democracy held the first Future of Democracy Summit together with AI Sweden and other collaboration partners.

•      2022: Media & Democracy initiates innovative research projects within Collaborative Journalism: Local democracy in a digital world and Strengthened local journalism in crises. The genre involves collaboration between two or more news and information organizations, which aims to complement the organization's resources and maximize the impact of the content produced.

Media & Democracy is managed by Lindholmen Science Park and financed by Region Västra Götaland and Riksbankens Jubileumsfond. The initiative is also supported by Sweden's commercial media within Tidningsutgivarna (TU), public services companies Sveriges Television and Sveriges Radio, media academies such as University of Gothenburg, Jönköping University, Karlstad University, Linnaeus University, Mid Sweden University, and Södertörn University. In addition, international participants Nordicom, the global organization WAN-IFRA and in Norway by the development network NxtMedia, Norwegian Research Center for AI Innovation (NorwAI) and the industry association and publisher organization Mediebedriftenes Landsforening (MBL). 

The managing group consists of:

Robert Olsson, chairman, CEO Utgivarna

Anna Careborg, CEO & editor in chief, Svenska Dagbladet

Bengt Johansson, professor at the University of Gothenburg

Anette Novak, CEO, Swedish Film Institute

Martin Svensson, co-director of AI Sweden

Johan Taubert, CEO TU Medier i Sverige

Jenny Wiik, Associate professor at University of Gothenburg and University of Malmö
Martin Holmberg, programme manager of Media & Democracy

For more information, please contact:
Martin Holmberg, Programme Manager, Medier & demokrati
Lindholmen Science Park
+46 (0)31-764 70 61
+46 (0)705-62 40 93