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Eva Thorslund joins the Medier & demokrati management team

There is a new name in the Medier & demokrati management team: Ewa Thorslund, the new CEO of Tidningsutgivarna. "I am really glad." Ewa Thorslund is well acquainted with the development and challenges of the media industry, as well as the impact of digitalisation on society and commercial policy. "Her competence is a valuable addition to Medier & demokrati," says Jonathan Falck, chairman of the management team.

Ewa Thorslund assumed the role of CEO for Tidningsutgivarna (TU) - industry organisation for Sweden's commercial news media - on 1 June. Here most recent role was as a consultant in media and digitalisation. Prior to that, Ewa Thorslund served as director of the Swedish Media Council from 2012 to 2018 and has also been a business policy expert in in the IT and telecom sector.

What immediate challenges do you see as crucial for the future of journalism and media?
- To continue to produce and spread good journalism in a modern and efficient manner, and at the same time be able to make money.

How do you view the media's need for innovation and ability to innovate?
- Whatever your needs and abilities, the world around you is changing at a rapid pace. Unfortunately, being for or against innovation is not an option. It also seems like a fast-moving industry that is accustomed to change and transformation.

In addition to media innovation, Medier & demokrati focuses on how the historically rapid changes in the media landscape affect democracy. What perspectives do you consider to be particularly important in this work?
- That the industry and the media have a socially important function. That freedom of the press and freedom of expression are not protected by constitutional law just for fun. That is something to think about. Every day.

During the spring, Jeanette Gustafsdotter left Medier & demokrati's management team  after having been involved since the start of the research and innovation programme three years ago. The reason is that Jeanette Gustafsdotter has been appointed Secretary-General of the Swedish Museums Association and is therefore no longer active in the media industry.