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International Youth Conference final report presented

In November 2020, International Youth Think organized the projects second International Youth Conference. On March 25, the final report of the conference was presented. – I am happy and very proud, says founder and project manager Urban Strandberg.

Due to the pandemic, the autumn conference had to quickly switch from physical to digital format. It had Visual Arena at Lindholmen Science Park as a hub and 22 participants from 12 countries participated. The conference took place between 16-19 November.
The final report was launched during the public lunch webinar ”Back to the Future: empowering the next generation of European leaders”, organized by International Youth Think in collaboration with the Brussels-based Center for European Policy Studies (CEPS), and its latest initiative, CEPS Young Thinkers.

– It´s interesting to see how young people raise questions about truth and lies in information flows, how they demand that the United Nations can play a greater role in dealing with global problems and should be reformed so that underrepresented continents such as Africa, Asia and Latin America can participate in the Security Council and that they are strongly critical of growing economic gaps within and between countries, says Urban Strandberg.

International Youth Think Tank
An initiative founded in 2018. The goal is to promote The Democracy movement among 18-24 year old people in Europe. The project is funded during 2021-2023 by the Marcus and Amalia Wallenbergs Memorial Fund, and has been part of the Media & Democracys project portfolio since January 2021.
IYCC arranges an annual International Youth Conference, the next of which will be in November 2021 at Lindholmen Science Park.

Curious about the webinar? Watch here
Here you find the final report