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Lindholmen Science Park signs the Declaration for a strong democracy

Lindholmen Science Park aims to make democratic values and a good quality of life the natural starting points for the Swedish innovation sector. Several Medier & demokrati projects are important components of this objective. "During 2021 we will intensify our efforts to bring the democratic perspective to life in all our activities," said CEO Tord Hermansson.

This year and next year the Swedish government is staging a demonstration of the strength of democracy. One part of this initiative is the 100 years of democracy committee which has been tasked with bringing together different players to take part in a range of activities that will promote a strong democracy. One of the elements in the committee's portfolio is the Declaration for a strong democracy, which was signed by Lindholmen Science Park in the presence of Peter Örn, the chair of the 100 years of democracy committee.

- The fact that Lindholmen Science Park has a strong commitment to democracy and its values means that it is making a major contribution to society. Lindholmen Science Park is an important innovative and creative force – a role model for other players in the business world. Now it is reinforcing the fact that democracy is something that concerns all of us and is worth protecting every day, said Peter Örn, chair of the 100 years of democracy committee.

The declaration includes several undertakings from Lindholmen Science Park. These include commitments by AI Sweden and Medier & demokrati, two innovation environments where a democratic perspective comes naturally.

  • With the support of Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, Lindholmen Science Park has appointed Jenny Wiik, lecturer in media and communication studies, as its Flexit researcher. One objective of the research project "The automation of journalism" is to identify how fundamental journalistic and democratic values can be shaped and expressed to the full as part of the automation of journalism.

  • AI Sweden and Medier & demokrati have launched the project entitled the "Future of Democracy" with the aim of establishing a national platform for dialogue, knowledge sharing and cooperation at the interface between rapid technological upheaval and the development of democracy. A conference with the theme of the "Future of Democracy – sustainable citizenship in a digital age" is planned for the autumn of 2021. This is intended as a presentation of the future which coincides with the official 100th anniversary of democracy in Sweden.

Undertakings for democracy

Lindholmen Science Park is involved in the global "International Youth Think Tank" initiative in which young people are presenting their best arguments as to why an open and democratic society creates the most desirable conditions for promoting the humane development of the world.

Lindholmen Science Park is also working to increase free movement on the employment market and reduce structural obstacles and discrimination. Examples include mentoring young people with a foreign background in Gothenburg and participation in Jobbsprånget, a national initiative to increase the opportunities for people with foreign degrees to work in Sweden.

In 2021 the democracy room of the 100 years of democracy committee will be set up on the Lindholmen Science Park site which, under normal circumstances, is visited by around 30,000 people every day.

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