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Open registration: IYTT's fourth youth conference

In November, the International Youth Think Tank (IYTT) organizes the fourth edition of the International Youth Conference. Participants are 18-24-year-olds who want to take on real societal challenges and contribute with concrete proposals to strengthen prosperity and democracy. The opportunity to apply is now open.
Some of the participants last year. Back row from left: Myriam Moussali, Sara Maria Barbaglia, Alina Koch, Juan Antonio Perez Lopez and Emma Sougli. Front row from left: Seven Jacobs, Tobiasz Burzynski, Elena Vocale and Adrian Zalla.

This year's conference will take place from 21 to 24 November at Visual Arena at Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

- The purpose of the think tank has always been to work for the open society, says IYTT's founder Urban Strandberg. With this spring's attack on Ukraine and the increasingly harsh repression in Russia, of course, this feels more important than ever.

Previous conferences have led to innovative proposals on how the open, democratic society can be maintained and revitalized, and the proposals have since been developed in the think tank's "Bottom-Up Policy Advise Loop". The proposals thus constitute the engine for research and conversations within the think tank and its network.

Travel to become a democratic innovator 
For those who are between 18 and 24, they are offered the opportunity to take on societal challenges and, together with other participants, participate in working out concrete proposals for solutions that can strengthen prosperity and democracy - in other words, an opportunity to begin a journey as a democracy innovator.

After the conference, participants are offered to stay in the International Youth Think Tank as “Youth Fellows”, which provides an opportunity to continue to develop and pursue ideas in a wide variety of international contexts.

Registration must be received no later than 16 August.

Register here: European Youth Conference 2022
Conference Invitation in pdf: Conference Call 2022.pdf
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