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Unknown ideas to be presented at Lindholmen Democracy Talks

No one knows what ideas will be presented at Lindholmen Democracy Talks on 25 November. The reason: the ideas will be just newly hatched.

The highlight of the year is approaching for the International Youth Think Tank. November 22 to 25, the think tank organizes its third international youth conference. During four intensive days, a new batch of future "Youth Fellows" will discuss and prepare ideas and proposals on how democracy can be renewed and strengthened. The final of the conference will be a special edition of Lindholmen Democracy Talks. Then the young people's ideas reach the public for the first time.

"What is so exciting is that we have no idea what they are going to come up with", says Urban Strandberg, director of IYTT. "We set the framework, but the content comes entirely from our young democracy innovators. So when they present their ideas, it's a bit off an early Christmas Eve for the think tank!"

Expert panel on site

The ideas and suggestions will not only be presented. They will also be discussed by an expert panel consisting of Ann Ighe, editor of Ord & Bild, Markus Johansson, political scientist at the University of Gothenburg, Martin Svensson, Co-Director AI Sweden and Jenny Wiik, researcher in media and communication science and currently so-called Flexit researcher linked to Media & Democracy. In addition, there is an opportunity for the audience on site in Älvrummet at Lindholmen Science Park to participate in the discussion. The results of this year's International Youth Conference - in which 24 young people from 15 countries participate - will also be presented in a detailed report.

Registration & program

ABC on Lindholmen Democracy Talks

  • Date: 25 November
  • Time: 14.00-15.15
  • Venue: Älvrummet, Lindholmen Science Park
  • Online: Yes, that possibility is also offered