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Youth Fellows at the Nobel Week Dialogue

Two Youth Fellows from the International Youth Think Tank participate in the Nobel Week Dialogue. The theme is "City of the Future" and Lisa Mastiaux and Daniel Hakan Urquijo will also have the opportunity to present the think tank's proposals for local community assemblies.
Youth Fellows Lisa Mastiaux och Daniel Hakan Urquijo med ekonomipristagare Paul Romer

According to UN estimates, two-thirds of humanity will live in cities by 2050. The design of the cities of the future will therefore be crucial for the well-being of most people. Mobility, health, energy, culture, democracy, climate: everything depends on each other. The complex interplay within cities will probably never be perfected, but there are always opportunities for improvement. Under the heading "City of the future", the theme will be discussed on December 9 at this year's Nobel Week Dialogue.
Youth Fellows Lisa Mastiaux and Daniel Hakan Urquijo participate in a panel on “Democracy and the City” together with Paul Romer, Nobel Laureate in Economics 2018, Kevin Casas-Zamora, Secretary General of International IDEA and Sanna Ghotbi, Digidem Lab. In the well-deserved company, Lisa Mastiaux and Daniel Hakan Urquijo will also present International Youth Think Tank's proposals for local citizen panels.

During the breaks, the duo will host the "Open Chair Democracy Talk", a form of meeting that provides the opportunity to discuss democracy between four eyes.

ABC on Nobel Week Dialogue

  • Hybrid event with a global audience online, and a small number of participants on site at the Swedish Fair in Gothenburg.
  • Date: December 9th.

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