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Kb Mosaik: A Journalistically Driven Integration and Democracy Project

The dominant news source in Kristianstad – Kristianstadsbladet – determined that the city was growing but a considerable portion of the new residents lack the conditions to follow and learn about the society as consumers of Kristianstadsbladet. This made it difficult for the newspaper to play a role in local democracy. 

The result was that Kristiansbladet started the initiative Kb Mosaik with the support of Sparbankstiftelsen 1826, Kristianstads kommun, AB Kristianstadsbyggen and the Swedish Employment Office in 2016. 

Kb Mosaik is an internally developed product – distributed ten times per year as a print newspaper – and is available digitally each day. The approach is to present and develop a journalism that is beneficial and interesting for readers who are new to Kristianstad and the surrounding area and who have not yet mastered the language and local knowledge to be able to easily read Kristianstadsbladet. 
Kb Mosaik's paper circulation increased during the first year from 4500 copies to 18,000 per issue. Medier & demokrati has published a report on Kb Mosaik.