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Swedish Linguistic Data Lab

The AI project Swedish Linguistic Data Lab, which is headed by AI Innovation of Sweden at Lindholmen Science Park includes three media companies: Gota Media, Hall Media and Ifrågasätt.

- For us, it is of great value to collaborate with new participants and learn about AI competence that differs from our own, says George Grönwald, editorial head of development for Hall Media.

AI Innovation of Sweden is a national concentration of forces that accelerates innovation and research work for implementation of AI with the overall long-term goal of strengthening the competitive force of Swedish industry and Swedish welfare. 

The Swedish Linguistic Data Lab is one of eight Swedish data lab projects in which Vinnova – Sweden's innovation authority – currently invests. The purpose is to stimulate and develop access to data, which, in turn, provides better possibilities of driving innovation based on data and AI.
The Swedish Linguistic Data Lab – liberally translated, artificial intelligence will be trained in Swedish – is a springboard for developing AI and language-based media services.

The project runs until June 2021 and involves a total investment of SEK 3.8 million, about half of which is financed by Vinnova. 
Central figures include Recorded Future, Gavagai, Talkamatic and Språkbanken. 

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