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Media citizens not exposed to traditional news media

In recent decades, research has indicated that more media users rarely or never consume social journalism. A trend that can have an impact on participation in society and on the media as a pillar of democracy.

In the project "Media citizens not exposed to traditional news media", Ulrika Andersson, media researcher at the University of Gothenburg and research adviser in Media & democracy, deepens the knowledge of how rare users aged 20-35 are exposed to social journalism. The fact that 20-35 year olds are in the eye is because that group in previous studies has proven to be most likely for low exposure to media.

"Media citizens not exposed to traditional news media"starts in September 2020 and runs through February 2022, and the following three issues are mainly studied:

  • What does the use of media by infrequent users look like?
  • Does the pattern of exposure to social journalism differ in the group of infrequent users, compared to the group of frequent users, in addition to the fact that the exposure occurs less frequently?
  • What are the main reasons behind rarely or never taking part in social journalism?

To answer the questions, the project is designed based on a mixed method approach. This means that different research methods are used. In this case: A survey, ie questionnaires, experiments and qualitative interviews.

Project partners are Media & Democracy and JMG - Department of Journalism, Media and Communication - at the University of Gothenburg. External funders are the Anne-Marie and Gustaf Anders Foundation for Media Research with more than SEK1,8 million.