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Future of Democracy

Future of Democracy has been initiated and led by Media & democracy and AI Sweden, Sweden's center for applied AI innovation. The focus is on the borderland between technology and democracy, with the aim of safeguarding and contributing to development where digitalisation and AI are used in a democratically sustainable way. Future of Democracy operates as a non-profit initiative and the focal point of the initiative is the Future of Democracy Summit.

Future of Democracy Summit was arranged for the first time during 20-21 October 2021 at Lindholmen Science Park. More than 100 high-profile leaders from a wide range of sectors of society participated, and the purpose of the days was primarily not to find answers. The purpose was to shed light on issues, opportunities and challenges, and that different commitments and knowledge about crucial future issues in the meeting between digitalization, AI and democratic sustainability.

In addition to Media & Democracy and AI Swedens's efforts, the RegionVästra Götaland has co-financed both the construction and implementation phases of Future of Democracy during 2020 and 2021. Collaboration partners are and has been Göteborgs universitetInternational Youth Think TankKommittén Demokratin 100 årKungliga Ingenjörsvetenskapsakademin (IVA)Malmö UniversitetMyndigheten för digital förvaltning (DIGG) and Telenor.

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