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Medier & demokrati is a national innovation and research programme. Members of the media, academics and social institutions collaborate in investigative and experimentally designed projects. Current and complete projects that Media & demokrati leads or is involved in are listed below.

Ongoing projects


  • Local editor 2.0 Read more

    How should a journalist in a local editorial office work in an optimal way? How can the media create greater engagement and new forms of local journalism? These are the starting points for the research project "Local Editor 2.0".

  • Digitalisation and democracy Read more

    How are democratic perspectives strengthened in society's accelerating digitalisation, and how does innovation stimulate the development of democracy? Around these issues for the future, Media & Democracy and AI Sweden are initiating a new national initiative, whose aim is broad but the task is pointed: to raise, highlight and drive issues around digitalisation and democracy from a citizen perspective.

  • International Youth Think Tank Read more

    The project was launched in 2018 and has been part of Lindholmen Science Park and Medier & demokrati since January 2021. Its goal is to promote the development of a democracy movement among young people in Europe aged between 18 and 24. The initiative will be funded until 2023 by the Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Foundation. 
    One cornerstone of the project is the International Youth Conferences (IYC). Two conferences have so far been organised in 2019 and 2020. The second was hosted by Lindholmen Science Park, which also functioned as a hub for the event. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, this conference took place entirely online and was attended by 24 young people who had been selected from among 218 applicants in 38 countries. Their task was to identify the challenges faced by an open democratic society and to work together to produce specific proposals for overcoming these challenges. After the conference, the proposals were fine-tuned and finalised and then presented during open seminars and on the project website. 
    The conference was also attended by decision-makers and academics who acted as inspirational speakers and commentators. The next conference is planned for 13-16 September 2021.
    Over the next three years, the intention is for the project to develop other activities and initiatives for spreading ideas and providing training in entrepreneurship for the target group with a focus on the development of democracy and democratic values.
    The International Youth Think Tank was founded by Cecilia Malmström, former EU Commissioner, and Urban Strandberg, Senior Lecturer in Political Science at the University of Gothenburg. The project is managed by Urban Strandberg.

  • Kb Mosaik: A Journalistically Driven Integration and Democracy Project Read more

    The dominant news source in Kristianstad – Kristianstadsbladet – determined that the city was growing but a considerable portion of the new residents lack the conditions to follow and learn about the society as consumers of Kristianstadsbladet. This made it difficult for the newspaper to play a role in local democracy. 

  • Media citizens not exposed to traditional news media Read more

    In recent decades, research has indicated that more media users rarely or never take part of social journalism. A trend that can have an impact on community participation and on the media as a pillar of democracy. In the project "Media citizens not exposed to traditional news media", Ulrika Andersson, media researcher at the University of Gothenburg and research adviser in Media & democracy, deepens the knowledge of how rare users aged 20-35 are exposed to social journalism. The fact that 20-35 year olds are in the eye is because that group in previous studies has proven to be most likely for low exposure to media.

  • Swedish Linguistic Data Lab Read more

    The AI project Swedish Linguistic Data Lab, which is headed by AI Innovation of Sweden at Lindholmen Science Park includes three media companies: Gota Media, Hall Media and Ifrågasätt.

  • The automation of journalism Read more

    Innovation, collaboration and knowledge management in the implementation of AI in news companies.

Concluded Projects

  • Beta Borås: Younger News Universe for Local Community Journalism and Debate Read more

    What local community journalism attracts and is relevant for 25-35-year-olds? In 2018 a special test editorial staff at Borås Tidning studied the answers to the question.

  • Beta Borås: Younger News Universe for Local Community Journalism and Debate, stage 2 Read more

    What local community journalism engages 25-35-year-olds and how ready is the target group to pay to consume it? From 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020, stage 2 of the unique and acclaimed research and innovative project Beta Borås: Younger News Universe for Local Community Journalism and Debate.

  • Conflict Management, Dialogue and Reader Engagement in the New Media Landscape Read more

    The project is based on challenge-driven innovation and is financed externally by Vinnova. The focus of the first stage is to develop the project's idea and innovation and simultaneously plan how the innovation should be developed, tested and spread for value-creating use. The first stage also involves enhancement of the actual need analysis and the subsequent addition of more partners in the next stage. 

  • The Digital Media Landscape and the 2018 Local Election Read more

    How does the rapidly changing media landscape's affect local and regional elections? This was the subject of a study conducted by Medier & demokrati together with Mid Sweden University and Södertörn University in the unique research project called 'The Digital Media Landscape and the 2018 Local Election'. The project ran from May 2018 to the end of September 2019.