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Back to the Future: empowering the next generation of European leaders

25 mars 2021 12:00 till 13:15
Bold young people and visionary decision-makers have several things in common – they do not accept things as they are, and are convinced they can change the world. By putting young voices centre stage, we allow the next generation to convey their ideas and fresh perspectives to those in power, promoting opportunities to shape a future in which they themselves can become leaders.

CEPS has teamed up with the International Youth Think Tank (IYTT) to shine a light on the importance of bringing together young people in Europe with today’s policymakers and leaders.

This event will launch CEPS newest initiative, the CEPS Young Thinkers, aimed at including more diverse and young voices in the European debate.  The Young Thinkers Initiative will take place at the 2021 edition of Ideas Lab on 31 May – 4 June, where thirty young thinkers will work together to envision the future of Europe.

IYTT will announce the final report of their International Youth Conference that took place in November last year. The report outlines the youth fellows’ policy proposals addressing some of the biggest challenges facing Europe today.

Curious to learn more about these two ventures? Join our one-hour virtual seminar on 25 March. The boldness of young people will be embodied by four IYTT Youth Fellows, and the visions of decision-makers will be represented by Heather Grabbe, Cecilia Malmström and Daniel Freund.

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