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Crossborder Journalism Campus, CJC

The project, which runs between 1 January 2022 and 31 December 2024, will develop a model for how students in investigative journalism at different universities in different countries can collaborate in larger projects in transnational investigative journalism / crossborder collaborative journalism.

Bild tagen uppifrån på studenter som sitter vid skolbänkar i en föreläsningssal.

Main partners are JMG at the Univerity of GothenburgUniversity of LeipzigCentre de Formation des Journalistes i ParisArena for Journalism in EuropeOsloMet and Amsterdam universitet.

Media & democracy is a partner with a primary focus on 2024. Results from the project will be distributed annually at so-called multiplier events, and in 2024 it will be arranged in Gothenburg.

Bild tagen uppifrån på studenter som sitter vid skolbänkar i en föreläsningssal.

"Crossborder Journalism Campus" is led by JMG with Brigitte Alfter as project manager. She teaches at JMG, but also has extensive experience as a journalist from local to European level.

In the implementation, students get to learn the basics of crossborder collaborative journalism and basic knowledge of EU institutions. They will also work in smaller digital newsrooms under the leadership of teachers and researchers from all partner organizations. The purpose is to be able to make simultaneous publications in the different countries at the end of the academic year.

External financier is Erasmus+, the EU and the project's total funding is just over SEK 3,460,000.

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