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Young citizens and the quality of news Construals, Emotions and Strategies

Ung man som kollar på telefonen,

The project has an experimental design and investigates how younger news consumers view quality by mixing interviews with eye movement studies and measurement of emotions. The research project is led by the Department of Media and Journalism at Linnaeus University in Kalmar, and the aim is to increase knowledge of how younger people – ages 18 to 25 – view quality in news journalism.

Both the industry and researchers have a relatively good grasp of what type of news media the group uses – and how. Likewise, what the target group wants to consume more of and how news journalism is presented. However, it is considerably more unexplored how the users react emotionally about different news, and how emotions give an expression of how quality is assessed.

– In recent years, the research community has realized that emotional reactions to media content are an important aspect. However, that particular part is a bit difficult to measure. Our project tests a possible way, which could potentially pave the way for a better understanding of how people judge quality when they take part in the news. This is important to gain better knowledge of both the industry and the future of democracy in a mediatized age.

Kristoffer Holt, professor and research leader.

The project runs until December 2023. During the fall of 2023, the project's results will be disseminated, and it is in that phase that Media & Democracy, as a collaboration platform, has a key role. Among other things, a Media & Democracy report and seminars/webinars are planned.

The project's financiers are Barometernstiftelsen with SEK 1.4 million and the knowledge environment "Questioned democracy" at Linnaeus University with SEK 285,000.

Nyheter och rapporter inom projektet

Rapportomslag M&D

Så kan unga lockas av nyheter

Kvalitet är intimt kopplat till upplevd relevans, och nyheters förmåga att beröra emotionellt är viktigt för unga mellan 18 och 25 år. Det framgår av en unik studie.
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